01 Dec 2023

Virtual tour of Raphael rooms

The four rooms known as the Raphael Rooms were part of the apartment located on the second floor of the Papal Palace which was chosen by Pope Julius II della Rovere (pope from 1503 to 1513) as his residence during his pontificate since he did not want to live in the apartment used by his predecessor Alexander VI, already frescoed by Pinturicchio.

Later the apartment chosen by Julius II and the Raphael Rooms were also used by his successors.

The pictorial decorations in the 4 Raphael Rooms were made for 16 years (between 1508 and 1524) by Raphael and his students. Raphael worked on their construction until his death, but he was unable to complete all 4 rooms, with the last two being completed by his students and by Giulio Romano.

Waiting to visit them again enjoy the virtual tour.

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